What do you shoot with?

I shoot Nikon! Nikon D750 to be exact. I love this little guy.  In my bag I also have a back up Nikon D7000, multiple speedlites, 85mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4, 35mm f1.4, 70-210 mm f4, and 100 mm f3.2 macro just to name a few.

Did you go to school for photography?

Nope! I got my degree in architecture believe it or not and still have a full time job doing it!  But in the Spring of 2011 I decided to put my 2-year old DSLR, eye for design, and love of capturing memories to use and work towards going pro and having my own business!  I worked hard to learn all the ins and out of photography and am constantly learning new things.  Its been an awesome journey so far and I can't wait to see where photography takes me.

Why do you do photography?

Honestly? Its fun! If it wasn't I wouldn't devote the endless hours I do to it.  I love getting to meet new people, hear their stories, create friendships, and capture their memories.  I also love that there is always a challenge out there in the world of photography...something new to learn whether it be new technique, different settings, or a new angle, there's always something to keep photography interesting.

What type of photographer are you?

I describe myself as an on-location, natural light photographer.  When I am contacted to book a session I help my clients choose a location that fits their personality.  Whether you're a beach worshiping family, an engaged couple who are kids at heart, or a senior getting ready to go off to college...I try and make your session extremely personal to you.  I am also really into the details.  From the precious little toes of a newborn, to the sentimental engravings inside your wedding bands, I love to capture the little details that may have been over looked and capture that moment in time.

What should we wear to our shoot?

Do YOU! Or do a dressed up version of your everyday style.  Bold colors photograph extremely well and don't be afraid of adding some patterns.  Throw out the idea that everyone has to match in their white tops and khaki pants and match without being too 'matchy-matchy'.  You can do this by staying in the same color group or using a few complimentary colors.  I recommend staying away from clothing with words on them because they can be distracting.  A couple of awesome accessories can really add to an outfit (think funky bold necklace or an adorable vintage headband).  And last but not least don't forget the shoes!  Your feet are in more photos then you think!  Check out my Pinterest board for more ideas of picture perfect outfits!